SELF-RESPECT – respect yourself and set your boundaries. If others will not respect you, teach them.

GET OVER IT – life is not perfect, neither are you, so what?

FORGIVE YOURSELF – you have probably made few mistakes, or even many, but that is a part of being human and living a life, so do not be so harsh on yourself.

BELIEVE AND TRUST – believe in yourself, have trust in life, in God, in physics, in astrology, in anything, but do not convince yourself that you are incapable and that you are all by yourself.

YOU ARE A CREATOR – you create your life, you create your opportunities, you create all the time, so create wisely, create the beauty in your life.

BE THE JOY OF YOUR LIFE – do not expect from others to bring you joy, do it for yourself and allow them to participate (if they deserve).

LET IT BE – LET IT GO – whatever was, let it go, whatever is and shall be, let it be, do not always fight against the life, you cannot win.

CHOOSE – you make your choices every day, every moment of your life, so choose wisely.

EVERY MEAL IS SACRED – be it for your body, be it for your soul, take care what do you feed it on.

YOU ARE WORTH IT – whatever you want and need in your life, you deserve it. You are good enough.

DREAMS ARE MESSAGES – be it daydreaming or real dreams, your soul is trying to say something to you, so listen.

GOD IS IN YOU – the divine being of beauty is in you, you are not excluded, you do belong, so embrace it.

LOVE IS THE SECRET – of everything, of life itself, because loving and living are one and the same thing.

BALANCE – is the mother of all virtues, seek it everywhere, beginning with your inner self.


Copyright © 2018 [Nikolina Zobenica]. All Rights Reserved/Sva prava zadržana.

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